Marine Fender Operations

Millennium Shipping and Marine Services Limited are proud leaders in the marine service industry. We’ll make sure your vessel sail collision-free and ensure that your vessel doesn’t experience any damage when berthing.

For smooth collision-free sailing with minimal shock when bumping during the berthing process, contact the experts – Millennium Shipping and Marine Services Limited.

From 2000 to 2002, Millennium Shipping and Marine Services were the sole providers of marine fender services for the purpose of transshipment of PPMC products. This is because our marine fenders provided the necessary protection during the standoff between ships for the transfer of cargo.

To prevent damage to your vessel during the berthing process, it’s important to ensure that your marine fenders are up to par. Marine fenders not only protect your vessel during berthing but they also provide important and necessary protection during cargo transfers when your vessel is out at sea.

With the right marine fenders, your ship will absorb shock and be protected as well as other ships and dock.

A marine fender is basically a marine bumper pad in a sense. The marine fender has a few jobs – to protect your ship, to protect other ships, to protect berthing docks and to.

Did you know this?

Marine fenders are generally made from plastic, rubber or a foam elastomer. When selecting a type of fender for your vessel, many factors must first be taken into consideration; factors such the dimensions of the vessel, the vessel’s maximum allowable stand-off, tidal variations, displacement of the vessel, and more.

The marine fenders size is going to depend upon the amount of berthing energy used during the berthing process to ensure maximum shock absorbance. Believe it or not, but marine fenders of the past were made from woven rope. You can still find a few historic boats featuring woven rope fenders today.

The marine fenders provided by Millennium Shipping and Marine Services Limited provide the ultimate energy absorption for larger vessels during ship-to-ship transfers of cargo. Our fenders are highly-versatile and can handle a wide-range of scenarios when out at sea with your vessel. We guarantee collision-free cargo transfers and safe berthing with the durable soft padding of our marine fenders.

Marine Fender Inspection, Repair, and Installations

Millennium Shipping and Marine Services Limited provides the inspection, repair, replacement and installation of marine fenders. If your vessel’s marine fender is not working up to par or is in need of repair, visit us to learn how we can provide you with a marine fender that will provide your vessel with maximum shock absorbance.

All inspections, repairs and installations are completed professionally, efficiently and competently. Your safety and the safety of your vessel while out at sea and while berthing are our top priorities. We want to make sure your experience out at sea is once of comfort minus stress and worry. When your vessel is protected with a top quality marine fender, you’ll lengthen the lifetime of the vessel.