Marine Transfer Operations

Oil tankers and gas carriers transport a large amount of volatile cargo to various places.  If for any reason a carrier is not able to berth in a port or jetty to discharge all of its cargo, marine transfer operation becomes necessary. In such instances, the cargo is efficiently and economically transferred into another ship.

Pollution and fire are inherent risks associated with ship to ship transfer of oil bulk and gas. Maritime security, occupational safety, health and environmental regulations must be followed at all times. The operation requires trained and experienced staffs to ensure that every safety guideline is followed.

The good news is that Millennium Shipping and Marine Services is among the top companies in the Shipping and Maritime Service Industry; a trusted name in serving both local and international clients in marine transfer operations.  We have the necessary skills, equipment and capability to address the hazards and challenges present in every operation in accordance with current guidelines and regulations.

During each marine transfer operation, our highly trained staff adheres to the guidelines of Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) latest edition, as well as the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) Guidelines.  We are thus able to guarantee the safety and efficiency of each transfer operation.

Millennium Shipping and Marine Services will provide all the necessary equipment to make each transfer reliably safe and efficient, including hoses and support craft.  We will also provide full back-up services including standby boats, the transportation of equipment and 24-hour communication service.

Millennium Shipping and Marine Services Limited is a trusted name in the Shipping and Maritime Service Industry you can rely on to handle all of your Ship to Ship operations.