Cargo Handling Operations

Millennium Shipping & Marine Services Limited can handle any variety of cargo that you need taken care of. We specialize in jobs that require special management and delivery- there is no need that we can’t find a way to fulfill! We’ve been at this for years and are the best and most knowledgeable in the industry.

We handle cargo ranging from the sensitive to the fragile. We are always ready to take your goods from point A to point B with no confusion or drama! We are DPR licensed, prepared and fully authorized to the extent of the law to take care of bunkering and importation of sensitive cargo including:

  • Automotive Gas Oil (AGO)
  • Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK)
  • Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO)
  • Premium Motor Spirit (PMS)

This list is far from the full list; we can handle any request! Just ask. We offer you choices in cross border carriers. At the same time, we manage your relevant export and import documentation and customs processes. We pay the government on your behalf and help you with specialist advice on customs tariffs, restrictions and rebates. We can clear some of the cobwebs in a complicated shipping world to make it a more satisfying and simple process for you!

We constantly maintain best practices, whether our shipments consist of harmless goods or oil tankers, to protecting the good name and profitability of our customers. These practices go both ways, and we have always understood that the best way to make a business flourish in the long term is to provide the very best, highest quality services available in the market.

Before the process begins, everything is planned to perfection. We spare no amount of due diligence, and we don’t believe in having interesting things happening outside of the plan. Regardless of the specifics involved, we have outlined every detail of on board and shore-based equipment, arrangements with shifts and watches, emergency procedure, order of movement, names of key people, shutdown, etc.

Our customers and trade associates can rest assured that their operations are being carried out by the most meticulous and the best! There is no need for worry when you trust your cargo in the hands of Millennium Shipping and Marine Services.

Everything we do is with integrity. Our way of doing business hinges on trust and reliability, and we go to pains to ensure that the process for you is quick and convenient. Our obligation, both in honor and contract, is to ensure that your shipment gets expert handling and total surveillance throughout the process.

Do you have questions that need answering, cargo that needs to be shipped, or just a better understanding of the entire process? We would love to speak to you in a no-pressure context to bring you up to speed.