Ship Chartering Services

Millennium Shipping & Marine Services Limited is proud to offer expert chartering services. Our company operates these services as the agents to the ship owners for the purpose of cargo transfers. We act as the middle man between the ship owner and cargo owners. If you’re a cargo owner in need of a ship to transfer cargo, we’ll arrange everything for you with the ship owner so your cargo transfer is smooth sailing.

During this process you can expect us to keep a meticulous record of the agreed upon rate set forth by the ship owner, the duration of your cargo trip, and any and all terms and conditions between our company and the ship owner. This meticulous record keeping is beneficial to all parties involved and eliminates room for error or miscommunication. Our company is a highly-experienced charter party and we have many years of expert experience with our chartering services.

Our Chartering Services Include:

Voyage Charter

When you access our voyage charter service, we’ll hire a vessel and a crew to operate the vessel during a voyage to transfer your cargo load between a designated load port and a designated discharge port. The payment to the vessel owner by our company will either be a lump-sum payment per load or a per-ton payment. The owner of the vessel is responsible for paying port costs, crew costs, and fuel costs.

Time Charter

With our time charter service, we’ll hire a vessel for a specified time period. We then select the necessary ports and direct the vessel. We pay for the entire fuel costs of the vessel during this specified time period. We also pay for port charges along with a daily “hire” rate to the vessel owner while the owner of the vessel operates and manages the vessel during this time period.

Bareboat Charter

Our bareboat charter service does not include any administration or technical maintenance in the charter agreement. What we do cover is the cost of operation, which includes vessel fuel costs, the cost of the vessel’s crew, hull insurance and the vessel’s port expenses. Typically, a charter period with our company lasts many years and usually ends with our company obtaining the title or complete ownership of the hull in agreement. The purchase of the vessel is financed by the owner.

Demise Charter

With our demise charter service, vessel owners provide us with the vessel for chartering purposes and our company takes full and complete control of the vessel. This control includes legal responsibility and financial responsibility. We’re also responsible for providing the vessel with a crew for cargo transfers and for providing the cargo. Basically, the vessel owner still technically owns the ship but we take full control of everything for the vessel owner.