Tanker Crew Management and Training

At Millennium Shipping and Marine Services Limited the goal is to strive to provide the highest quality of skilled seafaring officers and crew members to clients. Well-trained shipmen have gone through rigorous selection and specialized training to ensure consistent quality and a large working pool. Officers and crewmen are trained and have served on every class of vessel. The skilled work force has worked on bulk carrier ships, passenger vessels, container ships and vessels for more specialized work in natural resources transportation or chemical transport.

Crew Management Services

Millennium Shipping and Marine Services Limited offers a complete crew solution to ship’s owners. All crewmen and officers will have the complete set of technical and operational skills necessary for their particular ship assignment. They will comply with industry standards and regulations for safe operation. Each crew member and officer will be able to work together to provide a self-sustaining workforce for the vessel.

Millennium Shipping and Marine Services Limited tries to offer a personal touch with their workforce. This ensures that workers feel validated in their work. This practice offers significant benefits to clients; giving them a stable and more productive work force.

The crew management is full service. Everything from recruitment to deployment to documentation is handled as part of the service. Furthermore, services are custom tailored to the needs of the customers. Millennium Shipping and Marine Services Limited works with clients to optimize their vessel’s efficiency without sacrificing safety or cutting operational corners. The vessel will be able to meet or exceed all safety and health requirements while operating within environmental guidelines while surpassing the client’s quality expectations.

The safety and security of our client’s vessel and property is one of the driving principles behind ideal ship’s management. Ship board operational procedure is structured in such a way that ship’s resources are neither squandered nor procedural guidelines ignored.

Training of Seafarers and Ship Hands

Crew Training: Through continual training using the latest test systems in place, Millennium delivers highly skilled crew members. Our training is constantly being updated and developed in order to increase the value of the crew members we recruit. This can include our Computer Based Training, continual appraisal system and various simulator based courses in Cargo and Ballast handling, Engine Controls, and more. This provides you with a crew that is continually improving and staying ahead of the industry standard and competition. Without continually upgraded training, you quickly find yourself playing catch-up with your competition.

On-board Training: On-board training services are based on an initial evaluation of the capabilities of a ship’s crew with regard to the familiarization of equipment and to assess emergency preparedness. This evaluation forms the basis for identifying specific training needs which can then be addressed by the on-board trainer using training materials and by exercising lifeboat, fire, enclosed entry and other emergency drills.

Onshore Training: Through its network of 16 training centers and over 40 staff, our company provides specialized training in support of vessel performance, crew competence and career development. Offering a blended approach to training, the centers are equipped with up-to-date facilities using full mission simulation, computer based training and trainer lead courses to internationally recognized standards.