Vessel Charter and Cargo Brokerage

Shipping is one of the core competencies of our company. Hence, we pride ourselves in delivering qualitative and cost effective services.

Our dedicated team of personnel is experienced in top class cargo handling and storage facilities (Tank Farm) which is located all over the country.

As port managers and agents to ship owners as well as operators and charterers in all Nigerian seaports, we have the necessary infrastructure to handle worldwide cargo consolidation for export and import from a wide range of supplies.

We maintain a worldwide business relationship with ship owners such as ABS and LYOLDS Marine. We are therefore equipped and experienced to assist chatterers/ship owners in getting appropriate ships/cargos at reasonable and competitive freight rates.

Cargo Brokerage

We operate an import and export bureau where we maintain data bank of major importers and exporters from Nigeria. If you are a major marketer in the oil and gas sector, we can link you up with reputable importers here in Nigeria.