Marine Salvage Operations

If you need marine salvage operations, the company to call is Millennium Shipping and Marine Services Limited. We are about rescuing ships, the cargo of ships, or other property while is in danger while at sea.

At Millennium Shipping and Marine Services, Ltd., we have salvors, which are qualified seamen and engineers who know all of these situations and know what to do in each case, to effectively carry out salvage operations. We have been assisting ship owners in this endeavor for many years.

We have access to all of the required resources, so that we can save as much of your valued property and vessel as is humanly possible. We use cranes, tugboats, floating dry docks, expert divers, and other resources to do the job for you.

We know the hazards involved in certain chemicals on the open waters and we are aware of the public relations nightmare such cargo can create if not handled properly. We treat environmental protection carefully and quickly when it involves oil and contaminants and salvage these vessels as quickly as possible, to control the outcome.

We Cover A Wide Array of Marine Salvage Operations, Including:

Offshore salvage

Offshore salvage involves salvaging sunken vessels which were stranded in exposed waters. These vessels are considered a high priority for Millennium Shipping and Marine Services Limited, because they are the most vulnerable to increased rates of deterioration. Often these ships need immediate attention or risk being lost forever. We work quickly and efficiently to restore these lost ships as fast as possible and get them afloat again or bring them ashore.

Harbor salvage

Harbor salvage involves the rescue of vessels hung up in what is known as “sheltered waters,” or waters close to the harbor. In these cases, time is not as much of the essence to go in immediately. However, we work on these rescues as fast as we can to retrieve the lost cargo and vessels for their owners.

Afloat salvage

Afloat salvage involves capturing vessels which are still afloat in the water but which cannot be rescued without the use of special equipment and tools. These jobs typically involve hull welding, stabilization, and structural balancing.

Clearance salvage

Clearance salvage is a process of removing vessels which are stranded in a waterway, such as happens in cases of a tsunami, hurricane, or other natural disaster.  This is part of the process of a salvage operation in cases of natural disasters and we are highly skilled in this area.

Cargo/Equipment salvage

Cargo/Equipment salvage involves the rescue and retrieval of cargo from a stranded ship, before it goes under, or in some cases, diving is involved to retrieve the equipment and cargo. The purpose of this is to save as much as can be saved, so that the ship takes the smallest loss possible.