Ship Maintenance and Repair Services

Millennium Shipping and Marine Services Limited is a leader in the Shipping and Maritime Service Industry. We are available when you need us for all your repair and maintenance needs. With our expert team of readily-available professionals, we are your first choice for any type of ship maintenance or repair services.

Although we are based in Nigeria, we can come to you no matter your location to provide the services you need. Our staff and team members have years of expertise to provide the needed ship   maintenance and repair services in a quick, reliable, professional and secure manner. We update you with all the needed details as we maintain or repair your ship from the time we start working on your project until completion.

When your vessel needs maintenance or repairs, remember we are just a telephone call away to quickly provide the needed manpower and expertise. Our competent professionals will perform with the capabilities you expect to make sure that your tanks, steel structures and equipment function at their very best.

Our maintenance and repair services:

Engine and Motor Overhaul Services

This includes maintenance and repairs of main engines, repair of Turbo Chargers, maintenance, reconditioning and repairs of electrical and hydraulic installations.

Dry Docking and Onboard Services

We provide virtually all your dry docking and onboard services needs, ranging from full, professional cleaning to professionally painting any part of a vessel. Our professional cleaning services have led to our impressive profile, as a direct result of our thoroughly trained staff that provides these services. Millennium Shipping and Marine Services Limited also provides a full range of expert fabrication services and repairs. All our fabrication work will meet the highest standards in marine fabrication and repairs.

Wharf Carpentry

When you entrust us with your wharf carpentry needs, you will get the very best in high-quality craftsmanship. We have years of experience in constructing and maintaining some of the finest exhibits of wharf carpentry in the industry. We assist our clients with design, construction and project management to suit your needs and requirements. Our qualified team has experience in constructing new, traditional and modern structures, demolition services for demolishing existing structures and rebuilding a new, expertly designed and constructed wharf.

Our commitment

We are driven by our mission and core values in providing the very best services to you no matter where you are or the time you need our services.

Millennium Shipping and Marine Services Limited provides expert services with the highest degree of efficiency and transparency, while treating you with the respect and care that you need and deserve.